To register at Bitcoin Club you will need a referral code. In most of the cases the system will automatically select the code defining the person who invited you in and will pay him out a relevant commission. If the system doesn't succeed in assigning you a referral code, you should claim one from the person who has invited you or look for it at Google. Our active members publish their referral codes and links on the Internet, for example, blogs, forums, etc. 

One more option is just to write us your wish to have a referral code and we will send you one to your e-mail address.

"Why is this referral code needed?"

Our active members are putting a lot of effort to attract and instruct new members.  Each one of them possesses his own referral code and a link referring to it via which invites new people to join Bitcoin Club. In that way the system knows who has invited whom and to whom to pay out a commission. You will receive your own referral code via which you will be able to invite new members too.